Cross-posting from over at Sir Benfro again… They say trouble comes in threes. I’m not sure who they are, and if I ever find out I’ll probably punch them on the nose, but they appear to be right, at least this time. A little history. Almost three years ago now, I moved up to Fife […]

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Killing Time

Cross-posting from over at the Sir Benfro blog: It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything here. I expect no one looks any more, and the RSS Readers will probably have given up too. The problem is, life got just too busy to blog. I’ve started about a dozen posts in the last three […]

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New Covers

Those busy bees at Michael Joseph have been hard at work on new covers for the print editions of Natural Causes and The Book of Souls. Looking good, I think.   Natural Causes will be available in the UK from May 9th, with The Book of Souls coming out in early July. US readers, alas, […]

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