Crime in the Court

When: Thursday 4th July, 6.30 to 9.30 PM Where: Goldsboro Books, Cecil Court, That London What: Me and a bunch of other crime writers signing books and talking toot. Find out more at: Crime in the Court

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Events, dear boy

  So, somewhere down the line I had a book launch, and Natural Causes was released into the wild as a paperback. Not only that, those lovely people Richard Madely and Judy Finnegan decided that it would be quite nice to have the book as one of their book club Summer Reads. Make with the […]

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The Countdown Begins…

These beauties dropped through my letterbox earlier this week. Proper, real copies of Natural Causes, exactly the same as will be appearing shortly in a bookstore near you. I have to say I had a bit of a squee moment when I saw them – very grown up and proper. Publication day is May 9th, […]

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Do Some Damage

I guest-blogged at the wonderful Do Some Damage yesterday, filling in for Russel D McLean whilst he was away in Paris, jazzing it up. Make with the clicky to see what I was wittering on about.

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New Covers

Those busy bees at Michael Joseph have been hard at work on new covers for the print editions of Natural Causes and The Book of Souls. Looking good, I think.   Natural Causes will be available in the UK from May 9th, with The Book of Souls coming out in early July. US readers, alas, […]

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Look! I’m on the telly!

Those lovely people at BBC Scotland came out to the farm and interviewed me about my books. Of course, it wasn’t enough to just film me at my desk, where I write. No, they had to come outside and get shots with the livestock too. Those lucky sheep got about three times as much feed […]

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Real Scots read The Record

Those lovely people at The Daily Record interviewed me earlier in the week, and photographed me with my sheep and cows. The result is a very good article indeed in today’s paper. If you’re in Scotland, go out and buy a copy – they’ll be worth a fortune when I’m famous. If you don’t live […]

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It’s all kicking off now

Last week was a busy one. Not for me, I just looked after the cows and sheep as normal, did a little writing in the evenings and enjoyed the company of my better half, up from Wales for a few days. No, it was a busy week for the lovely Juliet Mushens, my newly-acquired agent […]

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Formatting ebooks is a funny old game. Download some offerings from top-flight publishers and big name authors and you’ll still sometimes get a book that looks like it was typed by a two-fingered toddler copying the monkey in the next cage. This is partly down to the impossible complexity of ebook creation, but mostly down […]

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What’s in a name?

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a certain baby-faced Detective Constable Stuart MacBride pops up in Natural Causes and is firmly part of the team for The Book of Souls. Fans of gritty and darkly humorous crime fiction may also be aware that there is an author writing Aberdeen-based books who has a very similar name. […]

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