Broken Ghosts

cover image for Broken Ghosts by J D Oswald

Dark Shadows Hide The Deepest Secrets

Spring, 1985. Twelve year old Phoebe MacDonald’s world is falling apart. She has just buried her parents, a fire at their family home claiming both in a freak accident. Now she must leave Scotland, the only place she has ever known, and go to live with her uncle Louis and aunt Maude in their home in the Welsh woods.

As spring turns to summer, Phoebe falls slowly into the rhythm of life with her eccentric guardians in their curious home. But there is no one her age in the nearby village, and she is lonely until she meets a strange girl, Gwyneth, who wanders the surrounding forest barefoot and alone, without a care in the world.

Outsiders both, the two girls form a strong bond, though nobody else seems to believe that Gwyneth is real. Phoebe knows better, and soon with her new friend’s help, she begins to see the woods for what they truly are – a place of magic and wonder, where the line between life and death is blurred. Where spirits roam and secrets fester.

Something happened here, a lifetime ago. A wrong that yearns to be put right. The answer is within Phoebe’s grasp, but will revealing it put her in grave danger? For the woods hold a dark truth, and some will do anything to keep it in the shadows.


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