Over the years I’ve done a few spoken interviews and podcasts. This page will be an attempt to bring them all together in one place. I might even see if I can embed videos too, then you can see what I look like.

Page One Podcast



Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club

In which I talk about how I got into Alfas, and why Tony McLean (sometimes) drives one!


The Tartan Noir Show

The Tartan Noir Show



The Bestseller Experiment




The Floor Is Lava

Click here for the link to The Floor Is Lava podcast



The Writer’s Routine

Click here for the link to The Writer’s Routine podcast



Magic Radio Book Club





The Penguin Podcast




Two Crime Writers and a Microphone

Click here for the link to Two Crime Writers and a Microphone



Tea and Jeopardy

Click here for the link to Tea and Jeopardy



The Hitchhikers Guide To Scottish Literature




In For Questioning with Angie Johnson-Schmit

This is a very old one – 2007! Long before I was published, but just after Natural Causes was shortlisted for the Debut Dagger.