Where I’m at – Nine Worlds, Loncon3, FantasyCon and Benfro

August is here already. How did that happen? I should have known, of course. It usually comes right after July. That doesn’t make things any easier though.

Dreamwalker by J D OswaldI have finished the first draft of Inspector McLean book five – Ceremony – and that is a good thing. Unfortunately it’s only the first draft. I’d hoped to have had the whole thing done by now. Still, life gets in the way sometimes, and the best laid plans etc. etc.

The reason I wanted Ceremony done and dusted by now is that August sees the launch of The Ballad of Sir Benfro on the non-ebook reading world. 14th August is publication day for Dreamwalker, and I shall be gadding about the place trying to persuade people to buy it.

Where exactly will I be gadding about, you ask? (Presumably keen to see what gadding looks like.) Well, to start with I will be at Nine Worlds, the London Geekfest, starting this very Friday (8th of August for those of you who like numbers, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like numbers?) There will be early release copies of the book there, so you can buy one and then ask me to deface it for you. I’ll also be participating in a discussion about marketing, with the delightful Danie Ware of Forbidden Planet, and Tom Hunter of the Clarke Award, on Sunday at 3.15 pm in Room 30.

After Nine Worlds comes Loncon3. The con opens on August 14th, coincidentally the same day that Dreamwalker is officially published. I’ll be wandering around looking slightly lost for most of the time, so if you see me do come up and say hello. I may or may not be participating in panellage at LonCon – keep an eye out for developments on that front.

Not all that long after Loncon, we head to York for FantasyCon. It starts on Friday 5th September, but alas I won’t be there until Saturday lunchtime. You’ll most likely find me at the bar, so stay away from there if you’re sick of the sight of me already.

I’m at these events with my fantasy hat on (you should see it, it’s fantastic!) but that doesn’t mean I’m refusing to talk about Tony McLean. My mission is to kick down the barriers between genres, so come along all you crime fiction fans and let a little weird into your lives.

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